Read through the common questions about our service. This covers the most common queries.

How does location get collected?

All smartphones have facility to collect Lattitude-Longitude and GPS timestamp in the photo. We extract this info from the photo itself rather than getting it filled by users. This reduces the errors and keeps a simple, verifiable record of the entry/exit.

Can this work without internet?

YES! The photo can be taken without internet and it will still record the GPS timestamp and location. Users can upload photos whenever they come in internet range for as many past dates as required.

Can the workers cheat and upload falsified time and location photos?

Yes and then No! The GPS timestamp is not device dependent any attempt to edit and tamper with photo metadata leaves a trace. So, though the photo gets uploaded, our smart detection systems will identify the cheating users and create a report about them. So, their malpractices will be caught within a week.